EP - As The Autumn Ends(2008)

1 - Her Bloody Wings - 8:37min
(Music: André B. Lyrics: André B.)
2 - As The Autumn Ends - 6:58min
(Music: André B. Lyrics: André B.)
3 - One Last Kiss - 6:44min
(Music: André B./Yuri N. Lyrics: André B.)

Released by: KillZone Records
Recorded at MV Studios, Fortaleza/CE - Brazil.
Produced by Moisés Veloso and Lacryma Sanguine.
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Moisés Veloso in MV Studios.
ArtWork & Layout by Rodrigo Bueno(touched-designs@hotmail.com).
Band Photos by Rafaela Eleutério.
All Arrangements by Lacryma Sanguine.