26.01.2016 - Lacryma Sanguine returns realeasing a new music

studio After a hiatus of a few years, the Brazilian Death/Doom Metal band Lacryma Sanguine returns to the activities and to celebrate this new phase, has just released a demo version of the song "Amongst These Walls", which will be part of the new album by the same name.

This version is a unfinished and unmixed record, but recovered by the band after an accident that led to the loss of the recording files from other songs and eventually causing this delay on the album release.

"Amongst These Walls" has no release date, but the band is already negotiating its release with some labels interested and promises to start recording later in the first half of 2016.

Check out the new video below:

08.02.2013 - Turnê Lacryma Sanguine/Lacryma Sanguine Tour

studio O Lacryma Sanguine fará uma pequena turnê pelo nordeste do Brasil. A banda se apresentará no estado da Paraíba, além de Crato e Juazeiro do Norte no interior do estado do Ceará.

Seguem as datas e horários:
20/02 - Patos (PB) - Grito Rock Patos - 20hrs
21/02 - Sousa (PB) - CCBNB - Sousa - 19:30hrs
22/02 - Crato (CE) - SESC - Crato - 20hrs
23/02 - Juazeiro do Norte (CE) - CCBNB - Cariri - 19:30hrs

Essas foram as datas confirmadas. Esperamos todos os nossos amigos, admiradores e fãs em geral para estar presente nos eventos!


Lacryma Sanguine will take the road for a short tour in the northeast area. The band will perform in the states of Paraíba, and Ceará.

The following dates and times:
20/02 - Patos (PB) - Grito Rock Patos - 20hrs
21/02 - Sousa (PB) - CCBNB - Sousa - 19:30 hrs
22/02 - Crato (CE) - SESC - Crato - 20hrs
23/02 - Juazeiro (CE) - CCBNB - Cariri - 19:30 hrs

All the dates were confirmed. We hope all our friends, fans and supportes in general to be present at the event!

15.01.2013 - 2013 Updates

studio This is the first update from the band this year.
Lots of things happened through 2012 with the band...lots of bad shit by the way, which kept the band a little bit "away" for a while and only now we are coming back.

Making long story short:

We were about to finish the recordings of our full-length album, "Amongst These Walls", for the second time, and everything was going fine. Then we had problems with the recording studios. There was a breakdown on the computers systems of the studio which made that all our recordings were lost.

This problem would be solved with a system backup...but they didn't have any backup files with them.

It's the second time we were victims of the huge lack of professionalism from the studios of our city. And once again we had to start again from zero!

After that, we gave a break with the band, as we didn't have any mood to keep the band on tracks for a while.

So, we are now in 2013 and we received some concert proposals outside our city, Fortaleza, which kinda gave us some motivation to get together again with full force!!!

So that's it! We are back, with more concerts this year and the most important thing: We'll start over with the recordings of our first album "Amongst These Walls"!

May this new year be more generous with our Doom Metal!!
See you soon!! DOOM SHALL RISE...again!!!

30.06.2012 - Lacryma Sanguine in new compilation

Doomed Serenades The Lacryma Sanguine is part of the compilation "Doomed Serenades", released recently, as actions of União Doom Metal Brasil, which aims to strengthen the Doom Metal scene in the country.

Besides Lacryma Sanguine, the launch has over nine Brazilian bands of the same style.

The CD can be purchased with his own band (contact us HERE) or labels release by Nuktemeron Productions, Lys Aeon, Impaled Records and Qliphot Records.

22.01.2012 - New Album's Cover Art Revealed

The new album's cover art has been revealed!

The cover art was made by Rodrigo Bueno, who has worked with us previously by making the booklet art of the EP "As The Autumn Ends" and creating the artworks for our first band's t-shirts!

"Amongst These Walls" will be released by the Chilean label FunerART and it's on the final steps of mixing and mastering!! Keep in touch for more updates!!

15.01.2012 - Rock Cordel Festival

The year 2012 has already started to Lacryma Sanguine!

Again we have a presence in the 2012 edition of the famous festival Rock Cordel.

Our presentation will be on January 26, promptly at 16:20 hrs!

Seizing the moment and say we'll be playing songs from the new album Amongst These Walls, then who can attend the show will not regret it!

10.01.2012 - New Song - Album Preview

So, after a long time we feel that 2012 will be a better year to all of us in Lacryma Sanguine!

We just can't wait to see Amongst These Walls coming out to everywhere, spreading our music to everyone who enjoy our sound!

The House in one of the songs that will be included in "Amongst These Walls", new album that is about to be launched.

You can hear the song in our Bandcamp via streaming or also you can download it as mp3, FLAC, Ogg, etc..

Click Here to access our Bandcamp

28.08.2011 - Return of Recordings

After some months of delay due problems with the studio where the band was recording, Brazilian Death/Doom Metal band Lacryma Sanguine is resuming the recordings of the new album "Amongst These Walls" since August.

The negotiations with a new label proceed in advanced stage and the band hopes a good distribution of their first full-length album which still has no preview of release.

The album will keep the conceptual idea which has been started with the EP "As The Autumn Ends" from 2008.

25.01.2011 - New video on Youtube

Lacryma Sanguine had a very successful presentation at the V Festival Rock Cordel, held at Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The public response was excellent and everyone in the band are very happy with the presentation. Follow the link on Youtube of performance of the song "One Last Kiss".

Currently the Lacryma Sanguine is in the process of recording their debut album, without definite date for release yet.

13.01.2011 - Rock Cordel 2011

We from Lacryma Sanguine would like to thank everyone for the presence at Rock Cordel 2011 on last wednesday, 12th.

We hope to see you all on the another show.

Thank you.

14.04.2010 - Facebook

Lacryma Sanguine has now a new page on Facebook.
If you'd like to add us just click here

21.02.2010 - New Song: The House(Live)

After long weeks of break due the carnival we are now back to our works!
We finally opened our official Youtube channel and we begin the videos with a new song from our coming album "Amongst These Walls", "The House", we really hope you enjoy the song.
It was filmed from our last show on the Rock Cordel Festival which was a great gig by the way.
Unfortunately we didnt have our keys in this gig because in those days we were without a keyboard player.
Anyway here is the video:

About the recordings? well... we are almost finishing the recording so be patience about that! lol! but we will soon post some previews of the songs for you to check the sound!

17.01.2010 - Twitter!

That goes to everyone who also have twitter.
If you are interested, follow Lacryma on twitter!
I am just posting some news there too.
I created Lacryma's twitter a months ago, but just now that I have my own personal twitter I have time to post on @lacrymasanguine too.

So if you want to follow us here is the link:


Recordings? well, we are still recording the full lenght.
This entire month will be dedicated to conclude the recordings and after that go to mixing and mastering!

15.10.2009 - Free Compilation featuring Lacryma Sanguine

A free Black/Doom/Thrash/Death compilation has been released by the Necrophagus radio show of France, featuring "One Last Kiss" song.

Black Totem - Them Snakes
Pestilent Grave - Gut Rot
Lacryma Sanguine - One Last Kiss
The Jokke - In Your Side
Skagganauk Abyss - The Wings Of Hatred
Night On Earth - Winter
Tormented Squad - Satanic Assault
Third Horde - Third Horde
Children Of Doom - Rusty World

Download it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EYPQPSMB

Thanks a lot Necrophagus for the support!!

29.03.2009 - Lacryma Sanguine Reveals New Album Title!

After a lots of time entering and leaving the studio for the relentless recording sessions, Lacryma Sanguine decided to reveal now the name of our debut which is almost complete.

"Amongst These Walls" is the title of the album successor of our EP "As The Autumn Ends" which was released as a prelude to this conceptual work.

Song tracks, arts and more details of the recordings bit by bit will be revealed here and in myspace. By the way, for a long time we didn't let you inside of the news here in myspace and on Lacrymasanguine.net, the reason was the numerous sessions in studio and problems we had with our peculiarities.

05.12.2008 - Recording New Album!

Lacryma Sanguine, who recently released the As The Autumn Ends EP by KillZone Records, are already working in the recordings of their debut album.

The album is still untitled and it will showcase the band's new line-up, with the addition of Gladson Rodrigues, replacing the drummer Marcel Lucena, who recently left the band.

The band's new effort will be released in 2009, simultaneously in Europe and North America.

03.11.2008 - Read the Studio Diary of New Album!

To read the Studio Diary click in the banner or CLICK HERE

25.10.2008 - Buy Lacryma Sanguine on Amazon.com

Now you can buy the EP "As The Autumn Ends" in MP3 format on the Amazon.com.

Click here to access the online store.

18.09.2008 - New Photos

New live photos updated!!
Photos from Dark Celebration gig. To see, click on "media" and "photos/videos".

10.09.2008 - EP "As The Autumn Ends" on iTunes

Hey Mates, its just available the EP "As The Autumn Ends" as a digital release on iTunes.
You can afford the 3 songs containing on the EP just clicking on the link below:

Lacryma Sanguine

"As The Autumn Ends" songs:

1.Her Bloody Wings - 8:37 min
2.As The Autumn Ends - 6:58 min
3.One Last Kiss - 6:44 min

08.09.2008 - Listen "One Last Kiss" online

While the EP doesn't come to itunes, Killzone Records posted on their blog the complete audio of One Last Kiss, one of the songs of the EP, "As The Autumn Ends".

Click here to listen the song for free

14.08.2008 - Lacryma Sanguine signs with KillZone Records.

Lacryma Sanguine has just signed with north-american label KillZone Records. The digital release of the recently released EP "The Autumn Ends"(which mp3 songs soon will be available to purchase on Itunes.) besides the debut album's release that will have it recordings began in August (2008), with the release foreseen to 2009 and it'll be distributed in Europe, USA and Canada.

08.08.2008 - Opening Lacryma Sanguine official website.

Welcome to the official website of the Brazilian Death / Doom Metal band, Lacryma Sanguine. The page had been just inaugurated and here you will be able to find out everything that happens with the band and following new releases,gigs, etc.
You'll also be able to acquire promotional material as clothes and cds. Further, be informed of the pace of the works here in Lacryma Sanguine that will be informed in incessant updates.